High Quality websites are planned, designed
& built with the customer in mind.

Let us plan, design & build your website.


Building a house without a plan and without an architect is something few people would do. In practice many people start off like that when they build websites for their customers.

When we plan to create a website, we will explore your business model, we need to understand it in a way that we can translate that model into a customer centred website for your business.

The aim of this explorative analysis is to understand the goal and needs of your business, and what you are trying to accomplish. Planning a site requires an understanding of your business needs and your customers, and how to bring these together.

The results of the planning phase are a realistic time plan and a documented business model, often complemented by a website and content audit, and an optional SEO / social–media landscape sweep. All this will guide you smoothly through the design phase.

PLAN—Measure twice, cut once.

NYSE Euronext – AEX : Social–media strategy and audience analyses for the NYSE Euronext brand AEX
Consulting Social–media strategy Audience Analysis Information Architecture

Nyseeuronext Newlogo

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Designing a website is engineering. It is about finding an efficient solution to present the information to the customer and to create an effortless experience.

Web design is about finding the most efficient way to present your business on the myriad of devices and browsers available to your customers.

We design a mobile–first, readable, usable and appealing website for you and your customers.

The design phase is completed by delivering final wireframes, prototypes and a graphic design.

DESIGN—Math is easy; design is hard.

César & Filo : Hand–crafted website boosting the number of sign–ups for the salsa classes of César and Filo
Information Architecture Wireframes & PDD Web Design HTML / CSS / jQuery


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The concept of how to build your site, starts early in the planning and the design phase.

We can provide all 3 stages (plan, design, build) separately, but in general they start in parallel in order to ensure a swift launch.

Your website will be built for speed within the latest web standards where possible, ready for anyone, any search engine, and any browser to access.

The website is typically delivered on a staging server for you to verify and finally installed on the server of your choice.

BUILD—First solve the problem. Then, write the code.

Eurofins Scientific : Umbraco CMS Upgrade from 4.3 to Umbraco 4.7 delivering a better performance for the CMS editors, and access to the improved interface, including many bug fixes and new features.
Project management Release management CMS Umbraco XSLT HTML / CSS / jQuery

Umbraco Eurofins

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